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“When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.”  Henry.j.Kaiser

Q Adhoc Deliveries

Quebec Couriers will  continue to offer its partners technology that will keep them up to date as their goods are in transit. All of our fleet have GPS and are able to respond with text messages. This infomation is stored for future reference, call us on 03.8542.2000 for infomation on current or completed jobs

Q Tracking (Hourly Hire)

As partners we can offer your company the cheapest and easiest way to monitor your existing fleet. Quebec Couriers can supply your Management/Despatch staff with technology to constantly monitor  your fleet  as they undertake your deliveries.

Contact your drivers via messages and record delivery times and e-signatures “live” as it happens. Undertake your fleets reviews with reports (as shown below) that will help make runs times efficent and drivers accountable.
A cheap hourly rate may not always mean cheap prices, How many drops per hour is your current supplier doing?

Check out where your goods are using your laptop, ipad or smartphone. we offer our partners various options to ensure peace of mind.

GPS Audit Trail

Fleet View


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