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Driver Info

Driver Info
“Quebec Couriers will ensure all experienced and new courier drivers the opportunity to develop”
Sub Contractor Infomation

Effective from December 1st 2006, the State Goverment produced and implemented the Owner Driver and Forestry Contractors legistation. This  was undertaken to ensure all Sub Contractors were advised of their rights before undertaking any employment with a transport company. At the interview process, infomation on this legistation must be discussed and the Sub Contractors directed to the website.

We as a company are always looking for honest reliable Sub Contractors to help enhance our company image and profile. Quebec Couriers endevour to offer a transparent operation so as our Sub Contractors can grow and prosper along with our company.

Does your current company offer you the following:

  1. Success with integrity
  2. Customer service training
  3. Support in problem solving
  4. Understanding the costs involved
  5. Transparency in all aspects of the operation

What is required for you to make money in our industry

  1. Access to the forestry commission sub-contractors contractors code of practise
  2. Weekly Pays no six week delay.
  3. Uniforms supplied at no cost to the Sub Contractor.
  4. Itemised Pay sheets.

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